Fill the Buckets to Raise the Roof


Is a five month generosity initiative where a big ask meets bold faith. Raise the Roof is our overall campaign for replacing the church roof and our mission to build 10 Habitat homes in 10 years.


Fill the Bucket is our goal to “Raise the Roof” and is the five month, $70,000 initiative to reduce the principle of what we are borrowing for the roof and to shorten the loan.
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We are inviting you to pray about what you can commit to this year. As you prepare to fill out your commitment  cards, please pray about what generosity looks like for you and your family right now. Prayer is the most important part of this whole process, it is what gives us the heart and will of Christ to make decisions like these.

THE MISSION: Habitat for humanity

The tithe on this loan woiuld be $35,000. We as a family are committing to $3500 a year over the next ten years to Habitat for Humanity, which will provide a new home for a family a year.