Get connected at St. James.


At St James, we know that we are all on a journey. We also understand that each of us may be at a different stage. No matter where you are,

we can get you connected with a community to join you.


What about my kids?  We have something just for them! We create unique experiences for children, from newborns all the way up to the fifth grade. Each environment is designed to help your little one learn more and grow closer to God.


Middle and high school are some of the most crucial years in our lives. We make friends, find interests, and lay a critical foundation for who will be as adults. Learning how to follow God and develop a solid foundation during this critical period is essential.


You're journey never ends! Community is an important part of it. It ensures that no matter where you are in the journey you are not alone. Our adult groups help you find friends and develop relationships to help you through your walk with God.


Our Special Connections Ministry exists to provide authentic encounters with God for people in our community with special needs. Through special events, service opportunities, and support services we help children and families feed their faith.