Advent Photo Challenge 2021

Are you ready for an Advent-ure?!?! Get ready to journey through the season of Advent, examining our lives and sharing with others how the Holy Spirit reveals God’s presence daily in our lives, through photos.  A keyword is given for each day - December 1 through 25 - to get you started on your Advent-ure. Sometimes the it will be easy to visualize God in our lives through the Advent-ure Photo Challenge word and other times we will be pushed to consider how God makes that word present in our lives. But that’s part of what makes this Advent-ure together so fruitful, and why we hope you’ll participate each day by taking a photo. If you have social media, we would love for you to post using #AdventSJUMC so we can share in the journey with you (you might even find your photo featured in our story on Instagram and Facebook).

Advent Devotional


Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. It reminds us that God has entered our wintry darkness of sin to bring us light, love, joy, and peace. Jesus - also called Emmanuel, which means God with us - has come so that we might be with God now and into eternity.
Have everyone write "Emmanuel - God is with you!" on a sticky note, a notecard, or in dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror. When you get up in the morning, brush your teeth before bed, or even if you can't sleep at night, this note will remind you of the confidence you can have in Jesus.


We all need help from time to time. But when we ask for help, we don't always like the kind of help we receive. Sometimes, we don't want someone telling us what to do. When we look at Jesus, we find a Wonderful Counselor who is eager to help us. But we must be willing to do whatever He tells us, no matter what advice He gives to us.
Christmas can be a very difficult season for many people. Who do you know who could use some extra love during this holiday season? What could you/your family do to love them this Christmas?


As great as our earthly fathers may be, they can't hold a candle to our Heavenly Father. He is perfect, loving, and always with us. No dad is perfect, but even the best dads need to know our Heavenly Father. 
Memorize Psalm 85:5, "for You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon You." Get creative - use hand motions or put the verse to song. Recite it with family & friends at dinner or before going to bed to remind yourself to both see God for forgiveness & forgive one another in the same way.


We have looked at the different names of Jesus, the names of salvation. In all of His names, we find new ways to celebrate and be thankful for Jesus. But in His final name, "I AM", we find that God is the source of everything we could ever need. 
Write down "I AM" on a sticky note, on your bathroom mirror, or even on an ornament to hang on your tree. Ask yourself why you are thankful for Jesus and list those out on a piece of paper. End the night with a time of prayer, thanking God for being our great I AM.
These daily devotions are from (or adapted from) J.D. Greear's Family Guide available for download on RightNow Media.

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